Yellow teeth


To have a perfect and healthy smile happens to have teeth perfectly aligned, white and with an aspect of unpolluted hygiene. But we must bear in mind that the color of the teeth can evolve over time, due to various factors the main one, postpone your appointment with Ortho dentists by Elizondo in Tijuana Mexico.

The yellow teeth are a consequence of many reasons. In some cases, the lifestyle that the patient carries can cause the dreaded spots on the teeth. Therefore, preventing yellowish or stained teeth is possible if some aspects of daily life are changed. In addition, other factors, such as age and the passage of time also have aesthetic consequences on the teeth.

Normally, when leaving the permanent teeth in children these grow with a white enamel, but with the passage of time and life habits, it is possible that the enamel tends to darken and even begin to present dental stains.

The enamel is responsible for performing a lot of functions, which cause the teeth to lose their natural shine: chewing food, dental pressure, traumas and bumps, erosion caused by sugar and acidic drinks, etc.

What makes possible the appearance of yellow teeth is the wear of the dental enamel with the passage of the years, becoming each time a much more transparent layer. In this way it allows the yellow color of the dentine to pass.

the yellow teeth

Yellow teeth: causes
The causes of yellow teeth are very varied. First, you have to know a little better how the structure of the teeth is. The teeth are made up of four very different layers of tissue:

Dental pulp: it is the deepest layer of the tooth, which is soft and contains blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves.
Dental cement: this layer of the tooth is under the line of the gums, surrounding the tooth and making it remain in place.
Dentin: the dentin is the layer that is located just above the tooth pulp. Its color is usually yellowish and forms most of the tooth.
Dental enamel: finally, there is the enamel, which is the most superficial layer of the tooth. It is the hardest tissue in the body. Its hardness is essential to be able to carry out all the actions of the denture, such as chewing. In addition, the main function of tooth enamel is to protect the rest of the layers that form the teeth of bacteria and external agents, which can damage teeth.