Medical Tourism In Tijuana With A High-tech Hospital

Due to the increase of medical tourism in this city, several investors encourage the growth of the sector through a new hospital that will bring together high technology and medical specialists in traumatology, rehabilitation and surgery.

Tijuana has an important growth in foreign and national health tourism, for this reason they decided to invest 300 million pesos with the installation of a new hospital.

This project stands out from others because it is focused on sports medicine and orthopedics, which will be attended by medical specialists using technology that will allow rehabilitation to be faster.

Due to the growth in the field of sports, we considered that Tijuana needed a specialized place in the sports field in rehabilitation, we believe that Tijuana has an important growth, and that is why we decided to invest in this city

Bariatric surgery will also be part of this innovative project, due to the fact that 100 to 150 people cross the border daily to get care in Tijuana.

Baja California is a pioneer in health and wellbeing, since in the year 2016, 2.4 million patients and their companions visited the city.

These visits in the health sector left an economic income of more than 800 million dollars. Baja California is the first state to have a public policy on tourism health and welfare. It is hoped that this encourages the work done by dentists in Tijuana

Foreign, national and regional tourism has made Tijuana one of the places that manages 65 percent of medical tourism, specialty surgery and specialized treatments.

“The tourism that arrives to Tijuana from different parts of Mexico and abroad to be served in this sector, involves doctors, hotels, transporters, gastronomy and tours,” said the director of Health Tourism of the state.

It is very opportune that this health project is presented in the city because as coaches it will facilitate the training of the players.

In contemporary architecture, they embodied functionality, emergency area, rooms with operating room and recovery area, gymnasium, doctor’s offices and rehabilitation of orthopedics.