How can you prepare well before a cosmetic surgery?

Aesthetic surgeries are usually external, low risk procedures. However, taking a surgery will always be a risk.

Bleeding, which is one of the main risks of any surgical procedure, can be prevented or, at least, decreased its presentation in cosmetic surgeries, but if you do the operation with a reliable doctor you will be able to solve those small inconveniences in your plastic surgeon Tijuana. if the surgery is programmed so that you comply with the following points:

Be in good medical condition in general.
Not taking medicines that favor bleeding *
Have discarded by means of a good interrogation, risks of diseases that make us susceptible to bleed in surgeries.
Medical tests such as hemoglobin and hematocrit that show a safe level for procedures in which the risk is bleeding.
It is very important to be in the hands of professionals who are experts in these procedures, who can handle the situations that arise, in a medical institution that has at hand all the instruments to protect you, and with an entire medical team, responsible and with resources.

In most plastic aesthetic surgeries, bleeding can be easily controlled.

Liposuction, when performed in multiple areas of your body, may be the surgical procedure that represents the most difficulty for the surgeon to control in case of bleeding. This special procedure, which is often called in different ways (lipoaspiration, liposculpture, lipolaser), should always be performed by a doctor with experience, careful and clear that first is the health of your patient, before the initial expectations that they had in front of performing the surgery.

Remember that a plastic surgery can be agreed in a way with our doctor, but during the surgical act can happen situations that change the objective and require the necessary caution to do no more and protect you from contingencies or unforeseen events.

Suspend these medicines 14 days before surgery:
Ging seng, omega (3,6,9), green tea, ginko biloba, aifos, keifos, garlic, Herbalife with green tea, vitamin E greater than 800U, glucosamine chondroitin, ginger.

Suspend 8 days before surgery with acetylsalicylic acid drugs:
Aspirin, aspirin, asawin, alka seltzer, bon fiest, sevedol, acetyl salicylic acid, would exceed.

Suspend 3 days before surgery non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs