Advantages of Improving Your Smile

The Tijuana dentist is ready to lend some support to help many patients as is needed. Get routine cleaning work done and sit in the chair for a cursory inspection. There are benefits of improving your smile as soon as possible. People are sure to appreciate the all new look that they get for their teeth. Whiter teeth and a straight smile are important for those paying attention too. The dentist is waiting to help people achieve a better-looking smile in no time flat.

and young adults appreciate having a clean smile every day. The benefits of
improving your smile will be made clear to everyone. People can feel more
confident in their smile while at work. Their teeth look better and will make a
good impression on anyone in good time. The dentist is important because they have the expertise needed to perfect a smile. The benefits of improving your smile can be explained in the clinic setting too.

hygiene is a valuable consideration for people of all ages. The dentist wants
to recommend different services that people genuinely need overall. The clinic
is prepared to help people get name recognition for a variety of reasons.
Improving your smile is handled with dedication and care in every way possible. The dentist knows how to offer support for patients that need care the most.

Be ready to pay for clinic fees to get whiter teeth in no time. The benefits of improving your smile should be made immediately clear to a lot of people too. Dental insurance could defray some of the costs imposed by the clinic location. All payments will go towards keeping the clinic in business too. The help desk is ready to process payments and get work done right too. That is a worthwhile consideration for everyone interested.

They Test Plants To Attack Breast Cancer

Have you heard about chilillo, a medicinal plant with supposed anti-cancer properties?

With more in-depth research, in the future it may not only serve to attack a single type of cancer, but also others such as oral cancer the one with which the dentists in Tijuana are having many problems. In collaboration with private companies, went from myth to reality and verified in the laboratory the curative potential of this species (Phyllantus acuminatus), work that will allow them to work on a product to combat breast cancer

The fame of that specimen, a bush or tree whose leaves and seeds are prepared in a homemade tea with the hope of curing all types of cancer, had to be verified scientifically.

For this reason, since 2015, a group of specialists from the Biotechnology Research Center of this higher education institution has dedicated itself to reproducing the seeds of the plant, in vitro, in the laboratory.

For the women
Why a proposal specifically against breast cancer? Because, although the qualities of the plant would apply to treat cancer in general, the breast is one of the highest incidence in the country.

1,100 women with this condition are diagnosed per year. That is, every eight hours a woman is diagnosed with that disease.

Three stage project
What’s next now? As explained by Garro, who is also a specialist in plant biotechnology, the research consists of three stages.

The first, that of validation with cancer cells, has already been overcome. Now follows the experimentation with mice and then the clinical tests (in humans).

The tests with the rodents will be carried out during the next weeks in Larkin University, in the United States, in a center specialized in such explorations.

If it’s positive. In a short time we hope to start with the clinical tests; that is, in human beings.

The expert added that, later, they will work with prostate cancer cells with the same plant.

If the research concludes successfully, the objective is to bring the product to market under the commercialization.

The contribution we have as a company is the phytochemical characterization. We have specialized equipment in gas chromatography coupled to masses, equipment with very little access or very expensive.

It is not yet known what the prototype’s presentation will be. The experts must define if it would be an infusion, capsules, or if it would have another aspect.

Medical Tourism In Tijuana With A High-tech Hospital

Due to the increase of medical tourism in this city, several investors encourage the growth of the sector through a new hospital that will bring together high technology and medical specialists in traumatology, rehabilitation and surgery.

Tijuana has an important growth in foreign and national health tourism, for this reason they decided to invest 300 million pesos with the installation of a new hospital.

This project stands out from others because it is focused on sports medicine and orthopedics, which will be attended by medical specialists using technology that will allow rehabilitation to be faster.

Due to the growth in the field of sports, we considered that Tijuana needed a specialized place in the sports field in rehabilitation, we believe that Tijuana has an important growth, and that is why we decided to invest in this city

Bariatric surgery will also be part of this innovative project, due to the fact that 100 to 150 people cross the border daily to get care in Tijuana.

Baja California is a pioneer in health and wellbeing, since in the year 2016, 2.4 million patients and their companions visited the city.

These visits in the health sector left an economic income of more than 800 million dollars. Baja California is the first state to have a public policy on tourism health and welfare. It is hoped that this encourages the work done by dentists in Tijuana

Foreign, national and regional tourism has made Tijuana one of the places that manages 65 percent of medical tourism, specialty surgery and specialized treatments.

“The tourism that arrives to Tijuana from different parts of Mexico and abroad to be served in this sector, involves doctors, hotels, transporters, gastronomy and tours,” said the director of Health Tourism of the state.

It is very opportune that this health project is presented in the city because as coaches it will facilitate the training of the players.

In contemporary architecture, they embodied functionality, emergency area, rooms with operating room and recovery area, gymnasium, doctor’s offices and rehabilitation of orthopedics.

The best way to find the proper Cosmetic Dentist

The best way to find and interview the proper Cosmetic Dentist You will find a selection of methods to choose an aesthetic Dentist, some great, some poor. Down below I explain some great methods, and several which are not so good.
The most effective way: The easiest method to choose the cosmetic dentist of yours would be to place in a little legwork. Do not be in a hurry; this’s a choice which could last a lifetime. Interview about 2 or perhaps 3 cosmetic dentists, and get to find out before and subsequent to pics of the job they’ve done. Make sure you love the outcomes of the doctor’s work. Do all of the patient’s teeth look exactly the same? Can they look natural, or perhaps will they look as a mouth filled with Chiclets? Just how does the form of the teeth blend with the patient’s face? Ask the Dentist to explain to you examples of various shapes of teeth. You have to additionally be certain you speak best with the dentist, and he understands what it’s you would like. Where did the dentist get the decorative training of his? True cosmetic dentistry isn’t taught in dental school. The Dentist must have attended a postgraduate program like  Baja Dent, they are not only an end of the week lecture training course on how you can do veneers. Above all, be sure the dentist takes the time period to explain everything for you and answers every one of the questions of yours. As soon as you’ve done every one of this, you are able to make an educated, logical decision. Anybody who refers you to an aesthetic dentist has much less at stake in the end result than you are doing, therefore it is your responsibility to be responsible for finding the perfect doctor.
1. A recommendation from the doctor of yours. This may be a starting point, but remember, the primary doctor of yours is most likely really active. He does not ordinarily have some time to assess a lot of various cosmetic dentists. He might understand a few of various dentists that practice cosmetic dentistry, but these might not always be the very best in town.
2. A referral from a patient that has had work carried out by an aesthetic dentist. In case you love the results, he/she might be really worth checking into. Find out about postgraduate training and education.
3. A recommendation from an aesthetician or even hair stylist. These individuals are in the look and style business. They know that has had what done, and have most likely seen the bad and good in the city of yours. This could be a very great starting place for the search of yours.
4. The yellow pages are going to have a summary of dentists in the town of yours; keep in your mind that the size and quality of the ad aren’t a sign of the quality of the work. Be really mindful about making use of this as the starting place of yours.


Getting Great Smiles with Dental Veneers

You may have at one time or another wondered how celebrities garnered their seemingly perfect teeth. While they would like you to think naturally, it turns out that most sought the services of a cosmetic dentist. The Dr. Mexico, the one who specializes in a lucrative field of dentistry, outfitted their teeth with dental veneers. Veneers have been the tool of choice for masking tooth gaps, chips, or discolored teeth. More and more people have started receiving the veneer procedure thanks to the steps dental offices have been taking in offering financing and other accommodating services. Below, we will explore this procedure in-depth to give you a better idea as to whether or not it is for you.

Dental veneers are thin sheets of porcelain or a composite material that are bonded to the teeth, that is, once they have been properly prepared. The end result is a natural looking and durable smile. To properly prepare the teeth, the dentist must remove some tooth enamel. This will accommodate the thickness of the veneers and allow for more seamless integration. Bonding is also improved given that the surface of the teeth is “roughened” up. Composite veneers are simpler to work with in that they can be prepared inside the dentist’s office without any sort of lab work. This, in addition to the fact that they are made of acrylic or another type of composite material, makes them a cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers. However, porcelain veneers tend to be a bit more durable and thus enjoy a longer lifespan.

Dentists are careful as to who they perform this procedure on. Since a patient cannot cease using veneers once they have been installed, dentists will not typically perform work on patient’s who have limited tooth deformities. A small amount of discoloration and a few tooth gaps are typically not sufficient grounds for approval. In such circumstances, the cosmetic dentist will recommend another course of action.

Patients who suffer from more severe dental problems are the best candidates for this procedure. For instance, those who have substantial tooth discoloration. Veneers are a permanent solution to this problem as they are stain-resistant. They will mask any of your existing discoloration. In these circumstances, they are well worth the investment. Although discoloration can be treated with teeth whitening, the cost of regular treatments can add up very quickly. Veneers make perfect financial sense in this example.

Dental veneers can vary in cost depending on a number of factors. Generally speaking, most patients pay $1,500+ per each individual tooth. Some offices provide financing to patients. You will have to consult your chosen cosmetic dentist for the terms of the financing that his or her office provides.

Find a Dentist-Approved Electric Toothbrush

You must hear a lot that brushing your teeth thoroughly and consistently can help prevent cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease, but did you know that having oral health problems, on the other hand, has been linked to diabetes, heart disease or even cancer?.
You may notice that more and more people are changing their old toothbrushes for electric toothbrushes, and if you still not sure about it, you must know that dentists in Tijuana recommend them for your daily oral cleaning, for better results they suggest to use it for two minutes and do it twice at day.
If you want to buy an electric toothbrush, you must know that they are not all the same, the heads comes in different shapes and sizes and work differently, and they may oscillate, vibrate, rotate or use sonic technology.
Both manual and electric toothbrushes are good at removing plaque but many people bush their tooth very poorly, doesn’t bush correctly neither do it with the pressure and time needed. And there is when the electronic toothbrushes came in to save lives.
Electric toothbrushes are better at removing plaque and are especially helpful in reaching certain areas of the mouth. They eliminate a lot of mistakes people tend to make when they brush at home and keep people on a routine. Also they are perfect for people who have dexterity problems, disabilities, or braces.
The thing about standard toothbrushes is that you aren’t aware if you’re brushing too hard can causes gum recession and enamel abrasion, if you’re brushing long enough and if you’re reaching all of your teeth. But this brush solves all of that: Pressure sensors alert you if you need to use a lighter touch, it has six brushing modes daily clean, deep clean, whitening, sensitive, and tongue cleaning.
Toothbrushes Are Powerful, Durable, And Reliable
Many of them contain smart sensors that give people feedback about their brushing techniques and help them be aware of which habits are hurting or helping their oral health. Plus, adjustable intensities gives you a personalized clean. It also has four different intensities, so it’s great for people with sensitive teeth and gums or people who want a more intense brushing.

Las radiografías dentales; ¿Es segura para embarazadas y niños?

Hoy en día, la odontología no puede prescindir de la radiología de diagnóstico, también conocida como radiografía. Esto le brindará a su dentista información valiosa sobre sus dientes y encías, y lo ayudarán a elegir el mejor tratamiento para sus pacientes dentales.
Muchos temen que los equipos de rayos X dentales emitan radiación dañina para los humanos. De hecho, las mediciones de la radiación transmitida durante el proceso de radiología dental muestran que no son diferentes de aquellas a las que estamos expuestos diariamente, como abordar un avión, y la proximidad a televisores y detectores de humo.
La frecuencia con la que puede necesitar radiografias dentales Tijuana dependerá de su salud oral. Un adulto sano que no ha tenido caries u otros problemas durante algunos años probablemente no necesite radiografías en cada cita.
Sin embargo, es posible que necesite radiografías con más frecuencia si una situación dental inestable requiere que su dentista controle su progreso. Para la mayoría de las personas, un examen cada 6 meses es suficiente, pero la frecuencia de sus visitas y radiografías dependerá de sus necesidades dentales y su dentista lo guiará de acuerdo con su higiene personal.
No hay indicación médica contra tomar radiografías dentales en pacientes embarazadas. Sin embargo, a pedido del paciente, los procedimientos electivos pueden posponerse hasta después del embarazo.
Aunque la dosis de radiación emitida durante una radiografía dental es bastante baja y el proceso es seguro, las mujeres embarazadas deben abstenerse de tomar radiografías a menos que sean absolutamente necesarias. Como las mujeres embarazadas corren un mayor riesgo de contraer enfermedades de las encías, es importante no ignorar un problema dental potencialmente grave por temor a la exposición a la radiación.
Si está embarazada y debe hacerse una radiografía, el asistente dental le pedirá que use un delantal de plomo en la parte delantera y un collar de plomo para la tiroides para proteger las partes vulnerables del cuerpo.
En cuanto a los niños, la radiografía proporcionará información sobre la condición de su hijo que no es visible durante una evaluación oral clínica.
Las radiografías mostrarán la posición y el desarrollo de los dientes que han erupcionado o no en la boca, y la relación de los dientes con el hueso y el tejido de las encías. También puede ver la relación de las mandíbulas del niño entre sí, y planificar un tratamiento adecuado para lograr los mejores resultados.
Es imposible firmar un documento eximiendo a los rayos X para su hijo si son necesarios para concluir un diagnóstico de un problema de ortodoncia y para planificar el mejor tratamiento es necesario.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth. Denture implants are suitable for people who have lost or damaged teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reasons. There are basically two types of implants including those fixed in the bones and the ones placed on the bones. The earlier type includes screws, cylinders or blades, which are surgically placed into the jawbone. This type of procedure is generally used as an alternative for patients with bridges or removable dentures. The second category includes implants placed on top of the jaw with the metal framework’s posts through the gum to hold the prosthesis. These implants are used for patients who are not able to wear conventional dentures and who have minimal bone height in their mouth.

Advantages of Dental or Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants enhance your overall appearance. You look and feel good. In addition, since they are designed to fuse with the bone, they become permanent, but you can also get removable implants on the market. The best thing about these dental solutions is that they allow to speak without the worry that your tongue might slip. They also eliminate the discomfort of removable dentures. They function like your own teeth and it becomes easier for you to eat your favorite things with ease or without pain. Another benefit of having implants is that they last for years, if they are maintained properly.

Who can get dental implants?

The ideal candidate for a dental implant is the person who is in good oral health. Adequate bone in your jaw is always needed to support the implant, and the best candidate is the one has healthy gum tissues, which are free of periodontal disease. People like heavy smokers, individuals suffering from uncontrolled chronic disorders such as diabetes, heart diseases or even patients who have undergone radiation therapy to the head and neck area need to be evaluated by the Mexico Dental Network to the treatment. If you are considering implants, talk to your near dentist to see if you should go for this treatment or not.

DENTAL CARE – Who’s Afraid To Go?

When is a good time to introduce your child to a dentist? I would strongly suggest that you introduce your children to a dentist before they had any problems with their teeth. You want them to start out with a positive experience – thus, lessening the possibility of any dentist phobias. Go ahead and laugh – I’m one of those people who developed an early fear of dentists.

My First Experience

I was very young, and one of my baby teeth became abscessed – not a pleasant feeling. Anyway, it was my father’s duty to take me to the dentist. In the dentist office, I was told to swish some strong, green liquid in my mouth and spit it out. I was to do that until all the liquid in the glass was gone – then go back to the dentist chair and sit down.

I, being the obedient child, did as I was told. I swished and spit, and once done, climbed into the dentist chair. I did not have a clue of what was going to happen next, until of course, the dentist told me to open my mouth and began to pull my tooth out. Low and behold, the green liquid I had swished in my mouth was the antiseptic! Well, surprise, surprise – it didn’t work!

With my father holding me down in the chair, I felt every pain, heard every grinding sound – and the experience remained alive and strong in my memory—a memory that followed me throughout my childhood and into adulthood.

After that experience, my love for the dentist and the very sound of a drill would put me into a panic. No matter how I rationalized it, no matter how much I told myself how stupid I was for feeling the fear – it would not go away.

My Experience As An Adult

It took me a long time to overcome my fear of dentists. I finally found a dentist who I could talk too, and say, “Hey, this is the experience I had – this is the fear I have – can I trust you not to hurt me.” Well, my dentist understood my fears – and I’m happy to say that I felt that if he could calm my fears I could trust him with my young boys.

When To Take Your Children To The Dentist?

When do you take your children to the dentist? Before they have any cavities or any other ugly problems. Take your children to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned and looked at – let the comfort level build between your child and your dentist. So when there are any problems with their teeth – they know the dentist won’t hurt them.

That is what I did for my children. I set them up with my dentist before they had any problems. I did not want them to have the same fears that I had. And it seemed to have worked.

If you don’t have dental insurance, look into discount dental insurance, such as all on 4 implants in Tijuana you can choose a plan that meets your budget – and in most cases the cleanings are free. And if you have dental insurance, and you have children, give them a positive experience to remember – it will make the next visit to the dentist an everyday occurrence, instead of a stressful visit to hell.